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Hypochlorous Acid: An Ideal Wound Care Agent With Powerful Microbicidal, Antibiofilm, and Wound Heal

Introduction.Chronic wounds and the infections associated with them are responsible for a considerable escalation in morbidity and the cost of health care. Infection and cellular activation and the relation between cells are 2 critical factors in wound healing. Since chronic wounds offer ideal conditions for infection and biofilm production, good wound care strategies are critical for wound healing. Topical antiseptics in chronic wounds remain in widespread use today. These antiseptics are successful in microbial eradication, but their cytotoxcity is a controversial issue in wound healing.


These findings support stabilised HOCl solution as an ideal wound care solution with a powerful and rapid killing effect on different types of microorganisms, antibiofilms, and microbicidal effect within the biofilm. Foremost, it has dose-dependent favourable effects on fibroblast and keratinocyte migration. These features lead to a stabilised HOCl solution as an ideal wound care agent. Randomised, prospective clinical trials are required to determine in vivo relevance of these findings.

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